Everyone should definitely learn these things from Lord Shri Krishna
Everyone should definitely learn these things from Lord Shri Krishna

The festival of Krishna Janmashtami has come closer, and Krishna devotees have started to make preparations for it. This year, devotees are celebrating Janmashtami on September 3. However, there is some confusion about the fact that Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on September 2 or on September 3. Shri Krishna has played all the relationships in his life with great sincerity. Let us know five such things that every man should definitely learn from Lord Shri Krishna to make life happy.  

True Love 

In Vrindavan, there were many gopis with Radha, who loved Lord Krishna very much. Lord Krishna used to respect all those gopis, but his love for Radha was the most important part of his life. Today's lovers get a lot to learn from Sri Krishna's love and respect for women. 

Respect for the Guru

In spite of being an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he had respect for the Guru, there has always been great respect for his Gurus in Krishna's heart. Any saint who he met in the Avatar, gave him full respect.

Importance of Parents

He may be called a son of Lord Krishna and Vasudeva, but he was raised by Yashoda and Nanda. In spite of this, Lord Krishna gave his two mothers Devaki-Yashoda the equal status in his life. He performed his duties towards both. Krishna, through his nature, taught the world that the highest place of parents in our lives is needed. Every person should devote his life to the service of his parents. 

Loyal Friendships 

Everyone has heard the stories of friendship between  Lord Krishna and Sudama. Every child has been listening to him since childhood. After seeing his friendship every person gets to know the importance of caring for his relationship and doing anything for his friends. Apart from this, Lord Krishna has always kept his every relationship with the highs-lowers, rich-poverty, small-time restrictions. 

Giving up the temptations 

Giving up to the temptations, while giving a precept to Arjuna in the Kurukshetra, Krishna explains to them that those who are standing in front of you are your enemies, grandfather, uncle and brother. While deciding, we should not favor anyone. The person who is wrong should be treated the same and no partiality must be done with the right one. If every man learns these qualities then the disputes between the people will end automatically.  

The struggle is life 

Kanhaiya's life in Gokul was full of struggles. His uncle Kans made many conspiracies to kill him. But Krishna never got disturbed by these obstacles. Similarly, every person should continue to lose courage without facing the difficulties in life. should remain. The victory at the end will be yours

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