eWebGuru launches Intel xeonE5-2678v3 dedicated server

Oct 09 2019 03:02 PM
eWebGuru launches Intel xeonE5-2678v3 dedicated server

For enterprise-level businesses, seeking a dedicated server hosting solution would be the best and wise choice to offer a reliable web service to the consumers. At the same, while picking a dedicated server business owners need to ensure about choosing a dedicated server that comes with the latest configuration so that it can match with your site growth and act as a future-proof hosting solution for your website.
To be frank, enterprise-level businesses should look at the web hosting solution as one among their investments for their business growth. So, spending a bit more on renting a high-configured dedicated server is always worthy of considering the future growth of your business

Why Choose a Dedicated Server for Business Website?

Unlike other types of hosting, a dedicated server offers complete physical server space for hosting a single website. Owing to that, hosted websites can enjoy full access to the server resources without any sharing aspects with other sites. Thus, the site performance would be significantly high in dedicated server hosting.
Apart from that, here are the lists of few benefits business sites can avail from the dedicated server hosting
1.Highly Flexible
2.High Reliability and Performance
3.High Security
4.Unique IP Address
5.Offers Greater Server Access Control
However, picking a reliable host provider is essential to avail of all those benefits of a dedicated server on its best. In a country like India, you can find so many hosting companies among those finding reliable and affordable hosting is never easy. It requires a lot of homework and research to sort down the best one. Based on the reviews and comparison ratings, eWebGuru gained the status of the most reliable hosting company with the experience of being in the hosting industry for more than 15 years.

eWebGuru – Web Hosting 

In spite of being in the hosting industry for more than a decade, the hosting company eWebGuru is one of the top reputed host providers in India. Unlike many other top hosting companies, eWebGuru offers a wide range of hosting plans under all the hosting types for affordable rates without compromising its service quality.

Dedicated server Hosting Solution offered by eWebGuru

The dedicated server hosting solution offered by the reliable host provider eWebGuru seems to be one of the prolific solutions for business websites. Having its hosting server in the Tier-4 Indian data center, the eWebGuru’s server can be accessed pretty fast and the server uptime will be on a high level with a guarantee.  
In addition, the host provider eWebGuru keeps on updating its server technology to match the growing trend in the hosting industry. Owing to that, the server configurations offered by the eWebGuru are future-proof to the hosted websites
Recently, eWebGuru launches Intel xeonE5-2678v3 processor on its dedicated server hosting, which is a grade ‘A’ processor from the tech giant Intel. The features of the Intel xeonE5-2678v3 suits well for the growth of the business websites significantly.

About Intel xeonE5-2678v3 Processor

The Intel xeonE5-2678v3 processor comes under the E5-2600 V3 processor family and it is considered as the Socket 2011-3 processor based on the Haswell-EP core. Unlike the previous processor models, the Intel xeonE5-2678v3 capable of dual processing with 12 cores, because of that, Intel xeonE5-2678v3 processor can do multi-threads at a time.
Apart from those above-mentioned features, Intel xeonE5-2678v3 posses a few more benefits, which are listed below.
1) Multi-Threading Performance
2) High-Performance CPU with 12 Cores
3) Supports Advanced Technologies
4) Pair with other Processor in Dual Socket System
5) Support for All Servers

Plans of eWebGuru come with Intel xeonE5-2678v3 Processor

eWebGuru offers Intel xeonE5-2678v3 processor on its two of the Self Managed dedicated server plans. Both plans come with exciting hosting features like Full Root and Shell Access, 100Mbps Uplink, Cisco Firewall protection, Remote Desktop Access, 1TB SATAII DRIVE, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 10TB Bandwidth and so.

1.Plan 1: Intel E5-2678v3 (12 cores) comes with the price tag of Rs. 15,950 / Month
2.Plan 2: Intel 2 x E5-2678v3 (2x12 Core) comes with the price tag of Rs. 20,950 / Month

Bottom Line:

With the all-new Intel xeonE5-2678v3 processor, users can enjoy hosting their websites on the best-configured servers. eWebGuru offers a wide range of hosting Addons for affordable prices along with IPMI control and ensures best hosting solutions.

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