The woman was troubled by Daily fights, murdered ex-husband

Jul 11 2019 05:30 PM
The woman was troubled by Daily fights, murdered ex-husband

Police recovered the body of a man two days ago in Rajkot, Gujarat. After a thorough investigation, the police termed Kusum, the ex-wife of the deceased, as accused. In fact, he killed her husband with a knife. The killing is assured of the connivance of many others other than Kusum.

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The murder incident took place in the Nawagam Quarters in Rajkot. The body of Dilip Parmar (43) was recovered from Suresh Darji's house on Monday. His Murder was knifed. There were many scars on her body. Surprisingly for the police, the house was not Dilip but Suresh Tailor, Dilip was married to Kusum.

But among them was divorced. Since then, she had been living in Suresh's house. Dilip's corpse was found from Kusum's house. So the police suspect turned the needle towards Kusum. When she went underground after the murder.

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This led to the police first arresting its landlord Suresh Tailor. When Suresh was questioned by the police, it was revealed that he had gone out somewhere. A neighbour told her that her house was smelling strong. In this case, Suresh told the police that when he was in Kalawad, the neighbour came to know that his house was smelling.

It was revealed in the police report that Kusum had a relationship with a man named Jasha Joshi after his divorce from Dilip. But there was often a quarrel between them over Dilip. This led to the murder of Dilip Bhai together. Suresh Darji is also under suspicion. Police are now searching for Kusum. A team has been formed to arrest him.

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