If you visit the southern part of the country, G Square Housing is a name that you just cannot miss. They have steadily built a reputation of being the most trust-worthy name in the market. This article examines how G Square Housing fostered trust amongst its customers by giving RERA and CMDA approved plots.                                              

Real estate is considered to be a murky market. It is full of fraudsters, scammers and deceivers who leave no opportunity to deceive their clients. You might have heard the story of ‘Natwarlal’, who once sold the Taj Mahal to an unscrupulous foreigner. Such tales of deceit are commonplace in the real estate market. This is where G Square Housing acts as the exception. In an industry that is renowned for deceit, G Square Housing has built a highly credible name. Not only that, they have steadily built their reputation and are now endorsed by the most trustworthy face in the country… M.S Dhoni!

One of the reasons why G Square Housing has managed to build such a stellar reputation is their commitment to always provide plot that come with RERA approval. To those who may not know, Real Estate Regulatory Authority (“RERA”) was established under the Real Estate Act, 2016 with the objective of protecting home buyers and bringing some much-needed transparency.

Buying a RERA approved plot has many benefits. For starters, it means that your builder is not likely to go bankrupt or insolvent. Every builder of a RERA approved plot, has to deposit 70% of the amount realised in a separate bank account. This money can be withdrawn only after the project has been completed and has received its certification of completion from a certified architect, civil engineer or a chartered accountant. As a result, companies like G Square Housing gain the trust of the consumers who are comfortable knowing that the project will be completed.

Another advantage is that, when it comes to RERA approved properties, the builder has to register the project with the regulatory body. This means that, the builder has to disclose their financial and legal details. This way the customers can be satisfied and can also verify the details. This is another reason why customers feel comfortable trusting companies like G Square Housing, who believe in full transparency.

Another major benefit of RERA approved properties is that the calculation of carpet area has been made uniform. Pre-RERA every builder would determine the carpet area as per their own calculation. But now the formula for calculating carpet area has been clearly laid out, which ensures that there is no manipulation by developers. This is why G Square Housing customers are able to trust that they will definitely get the area that they have been promised.

What is also worth noting is that in Chennai, the G Square Housing plots come with Chennai Metropolitan Developmental Authority (“CMDA”) approval. This is crucial as it ensures that your property is safe and legal. It is not uncommon for the municipal authorities to demolish properties that do not have the CMDA approval. But with G Square Housing, the customers can be assured that such an action will not take place.


In India, the real estate market is a tough market to build a credible reputation. However, G Square Housing has come out as an exception. As a result of a stellar track-record and impressive goodwill, G Square Housing has made a mark as the most trusted real estate company in South India. By providing their customers with RERA and CMDA approved plots, not only are they ensuring transparency, they are also saving them from bureaucratic headaches that may be experienced at these government offices.

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