Excessive use of mobile phones weakens the eyesight
Excessive use of mobile phones weakens the eyesight

In today's time, everybody whether it is a child or someone else, can't live without mobiles. But do you know that excessive use of mobile can have a bad effect on your health. Today we are going to tell you about the health related losses due to excessive use of mobile.

1- There is also an impact on the mood due to frequent mobile use. Due to the increasing use of mobile, people are more likely to prefer to be alone. Because of which they start feeling lonely again.

2- The use of mobile tone causes the brain to cause migraine-like illness.

3- people keep watching on the phone screen continuously while using the mobile, causing the risk of weakening of the eyes. A research suggests that seeing the phone for a long time causes the eyes to dry. Apart from this, there may be other problems related to the eyes too.

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