Ideal Sex Positions for the first night of married couples

Feb 10 2017 09:55 AM
Ideal Sex Positions for the first night of married couples

The wedding night is the very special night for the newly married couples. And it is a wonderful night to relax and enjoy the company of your special someone, which includes having a lot of fantastic sex which is the time to explore each other's bodies. It is the night to spend hours having passionate, playful, creative, kinky and loving sex and enjoying giving each other pleasure in the best sex positions possible on the first night after marriage.

So, here are some best positions to try on your first night -

1. Hot bath tub sex - 

The wedding day will be very tiring. After a hectic day with family, friends, and relatives, you both need to relax with each other. One of the tips to have a rocking first night is to try this sex position. A hot bath plus a steamy sex can be a spark to the romantic mood. All the body pain and stress will diminish once you enter the hot water bath tub. Sex in the small cozy place can be fun filled too!


2. Spoon Position - Sleeping cozily into each other's arm can be really romantic. In such an intimate mood and situation, couples might feel a high pick of their sex drives. Explore the touch effect and try this sex position. In this position, the woman will lie facing her back towards the man. The side sex position can be tricky for the man to enter inside her but, with a little adjustment, the man can easily enter inside.


3. Modified Missionary -

The traditional missionary position is a classic sex staple, but there are lots of fun variations on it. For example, when the woman is lying on her back underneath she can pull her legs up and over her partner’s shoulders. She might want to lock her ankles behind his neck or hold onto her legs for stability. This variation means that he is thrusting into her at a different angle and will usually be able to give deeper thrusts, which feels amazing for both partners.


4. Clothes Ripper-

Sometimes the passion overcomes you and you just need to have each other right then and there, no time to get to the bed. This standing position can be done anywhere in your hotel room suite and it’s incredibly sexy. Keeping some of your clothes on during sex is super erotic and will make your imaginations run wild. She wears clothes according to his tastes so that he can indulge in his fantasies and both can get ready by dressing up for each other. He stands behind her and kisses her and slowly removes her cloth. This can be a difficult position if the bride is much shorter than the groom, so she might need to stand on something to get to the right level. If she struggles to keep her balance, you can also do this next to the wall so that she can brace herself with her hands.


5- Women on Top -

 Women love this position, because it gives her clitoris gets direct stimulation. If the couple doesn't think that this sex position for married couples is intimate enough, the man can be propped up on pillows, making it easier for them to touch and kiss each other while they are having sex in this position. For a husband to drive is wife wild, he should stroke her butt while she is riding him.


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