Exciting News for Residents of MP: 244-KM of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Now Accessible to the Public

New Delhi: A significant development unfolded on Wednesday as the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) officially unveiled a 244-kilometer segment of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, connecting Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua and Rajasthan's Modak near Jhalawar, for public use. This impressive infrastructure project promises to enhance connectivity for multiple districts in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, including Jhabua, Mandsaur, Ratlam, Garoth, Jaora, and Thandla, facilitating more seamless travel between Delhi and Mumbai.

In Madhya Pradesh, the expressway's eight-lane section commences at Neemthur village, situated along the Rajasthan border, and extends to Timarwani village near the Gujarat border.

As per the Highway and automotive expert HV Kumar, a direct drive from Jhabua to Delhi on the expressway is not yet feasible. Travelers will need to exit the expressway at Modak and follow the Ujjain-Kota Tonk Lalsot (old route) to complete the journey from Jhabua to Delhi. However, there is a convenient option to re-enter the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway via the Lalsot on-ramp to reach Delhi (Sohna Road). "The section between exiting the expressway at Modak and rejoining it at Lalsot presents its own set of challenges," he added.

Highlights of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway:

The initial stretch of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway accessible to the public was the 246-kilometer Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot (Rajasthan) section.

This stretch, opened on February 12 earlier this year, substantially reduced travel time between Delhi and Jaipur by two hours.

The completion of the Lalsot and Sawai section of the expressway is also on the horizon and may soon be accessible to the public.

The extensive 1,386-kilometer Delhi-Mumbai Expressway remains an ongoing construction project.

Construction on this mega-infrastructure endeavor commenced in March 2019 and is slated for completion by December 2024.

The expressway will seamlessly connect six states: Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra.

Ultimately, the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is anticipated to reduce travel time between the two major cities to a mere 12 hours.

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