Uttarakhand: No food given to corona infected, created uproar at midnight
Uttarakhand: No food given to corona infected, created uproar at midnight

Dehradun: The Corona epidemic has greatly affected every section of the country, meanwhile, those who were admitted to a hotel on the highway in Haridwar, COVID-19 infected were not served food from day to night on Thursday. There was an uproar in the night. After midnight, food was given to the infected.

The infected accused that on Thursday afternoon, these 15 infected people of Roorkee area were admitted to the hotel. All of them did not get food until midnight. After which these infected people created a ruckus. There are many police personnel among these infected. The infected said that the two infected have been held in a hotel room without following the rules of social distancing.

There is an allegation that no health department employee was present in this hotel set up as a COVID Care Center. There were not even security personnel. When these infected asked for food, the hotel workers expressed their helplessness and disappeared. There was a power cut twice in the night, even the generator was not working. 

These infected patients called the administration officials several times. Many leaders with the councillor told their problems and recommended to provide food and medicine, but nobody asked in the night. The infected police employees made calls to the high officials, that they are not getting food on time. The matter is now being investigated.

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