An Exclusive Interview With The Youngest Entrepreneur Of Sri Lanka, Syed Shabeen Lebbe

Jan 26 2021 08:12 PM
An Exclusive Interview With The Youngest Entrepreneur Of Sri Lanka, Syed Shabeen Lebbe

Cash is at its next stage in advancement. From gold to paper to plastic to now, credit has taken bunch structures, and its shape-moving has caused the everyday person to remain alert since days of yore. Syed Shabeen Lebbe, the youngest entrepreneur of Sri Lanka, angel investor & business consultant also the Founder and CEO of a 6 figure consulting firm, Syed Consultancy, which is one of the fastest-growing consulting company in Asia. Syed shabeen also has a decent involvements with digital marketing fields too. Syed shabeen is continually attempting to help the youthful business people and up-coming startup companies. It’s great to see entrepreneur like syed shabeen setting a benchmark in the field of consulting at a very young age of 20. 

Now he is here to change all that with his ability in credit training and remedy. In this meeting, he separates the FAQs around credit announcing. This is what he needs to state. 


Q1. Would you be able to help demystify credit announcing for our perusers? 

To comprehend credit revealing, you should acknowledge one thing prior to whatever else, the way that credit announcing can be perceived. Credit announcing isn't advanced science, and in the easiest terms, it is an explanation that contains data about your credit movement and the current status of your credit circumstance, where your present credit circumstance incorporates such things as your advance paying history and the status of your credit accounts. These reports should be forward-thinking since banks use them to choose if you are monetarily deserving of taking and restoring an advance and even figure out what loan fees they can offer you. It's the manner by which banks rapidly and articulately survey the strength of your monetary circumstance. 


Q2. Would you be able to take us through the cycle of what to look when spotting errors on one's credit report? 

Blunders, of some sort, demonstrate that something some place doesn't make any sense, which would then be able to prompt superfluous deferrals and terrible experiences. On account of credit announcing, blunders are all around normal. Truth be told, as per the us federal trade commission (ftc), 1 out of 5 american purchasers experience mistakes on their credit reports, which causes them to appear to be less trustworthy than they really are. To keep mistakes at the very least, here are not many cleanliness checks you can perform on your end: 


1.Ensure that all your own data (name, center beginning, contact data) is exact and without spelling mistakes. 

2.Update any progressions that happen on the individual front when they may occur, as new house address or telephone number. 

3.Monitor your credit reports and review them routinely. In the event that you sense an administrative blunder, question it with the credit authorities immediately. 

4.Ensure that the dates of shutting or opening of a record are exact. 

5.Ensure that your record adjusts and new credit limits are refreshed ideal and exact. 

Keeping a severe vigil over your credit report is fundamental on the off chance that you wish to profit its advantages and evade the outcomes of carelessness. 


Q3. What would you be able to inform us regarding luxurious credit, your profoundly effective blog that targets making credit and monetary proficiency among ladies and men? 

My goal with the blog is to give a drawing in monetary asset device for people to utilize and figure out how to improve of their accounts and not the opposite way around. 

I have known numerous young ladies and men who can't be knowing with regards to dealing with their accounts and it is generally because of them not thinking a lot about it or how it functions. This frequently places them in wild obligation, not knowing to deal with their cash, or even have the option to make reasonable procedures on the best way to receive in return. When obligation has you, it is trying to break liberated from its iron handle. The arrangement, in this way, is to ready to not interpretation of too obligation you can uncovered and guarantee that on the off chance that you should get obligation, your credit is fit as a fiddle so you can set aside cash by acquiring the wellbeing rates. It's likewise essential to comprehend that credit is not something to fear and can be utilized whenever utilized appropriately. There were a lot of times when I was attempting to fabricate my business and didn't have capital, however I had great credit, so I could incline toward my credit until my monetary circumstance improved. The reason for having great credit is have it and not need it than to require it and not have it. 


Q4. What are a portion of the means individuals can take to speak with the credit agencies appropriately? 

1.Gather all the data before you contact the credit agency. Have the total supporting documentation prepared, alongside a duplicate of your credit report, and the inaccuracy(s) you found. 

2.The credit agencies are a humongous endeavor taking into account a wide range of credit-related issues. Settle on sure you decision the correct contact/division on the off chance that you don't wish to burn through your time. 

3.While calling credit departments remains the most favored route among individuals, it is strongly suggested that you present your questions recorded as a hard copy by means of mail. This won't just give you an official record of your solicitation however help you go past asking essential regulatory inquiries. 


Q5. Finally What five pieces of advice can you give to someone who wants to become a young entrepreneur ?

1.Prepare to make sacrifices.

There's no such thing as an overnight success. Even the multimillion-dollar startups that seem to pop up out of nowhere were the result of countless hours of hard work before they started making headlines. Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires an intense level of dedication to your dream – and this means sacrificing both time and money to make it happen. It may not be fun to give up those nightly netflix binges or weekend parties with friends so you can put in some extra hours on your startup, but these types of sacrifices are much easier to make now than when you're older.

2.Find your passion.

The most successful startups are founded by people who are passionate about what they do. So what are your passions? Whether you have a love for kayaking or music, the things you're most interested in can serve as a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurial ideas. When you base your ideas off something you truly love, you'll be more focused and motivated. Better yet, you'll bring in your own knowledge and personal experiences – key ingredients that can help you find a unique angle that helps you succeed.

3.Know what you want

Going into business for yourself isn’t for everyone. What are you prepared to sacrifice to make it a success? Some people find that the academic life isn’t for them but would you have the confidence to leave school and to strike out on your own? Perhaps not at the moment but, when the time comes, this is the sort of determination that will give you the advantage. Entrepreneurs are notoriously focussed and single-minded. You have to be prepared to accept defeat as well as enjoy the wins, and to move on undaunted

4.Write down your goals & plans. 

Without goals, there is nothing to strive for. As you design your business plan, make sure to include your goals. They are the stepping stone to the end result. Your work as a young entrepreneur will make so much more sense if you can measure results. Short term goals are the stops along the way to help you reach the final destination. Remember, the first year can be bumpy because you are trying to understand different spectrums of the business. Tracking your progress through your short term goals will help you figure out where you want your business to go. Keep the goals smart.

5.Just do it, even if it fails. Taking action is everything. 

“it’s not easy to start, I want people to realize it does take a lot of work but people need to take more action. People get stuck in that learning phase and they actually need to just do it, even if it fails because they’re going to learn way more than just planning and reading and waiting.”



Success is a continuous process. The moment you stop working on it is the moment you lose it all. So, keep working on your dreams and make ends meet. Thrive for effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability and work your way around the communicative skills. You’ll be ready to take on the corporate world by storm in no time.

Thank you very much syed for your time. We really appreciate you and your works. We hope to have you some other time to talk to us. 

If you would like to hear more from Syed Shabeen and keep up with his latest updates, visit his instagram here. 

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