Exit Polls Projections Across Indian States
Exit Polls Projections Across Indian States

Exit polls indicate that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to form the next government in Rajasthan. Most polls favor the BJP, with one exception. Voter turnout increased by 0.74 per cent compared to the previous election, reaching 75.45 per cent. Around 74 per cent of votes were cast through EVMs, and 0.83 per cent through postal ballots. Female voter turnout surpassed male turnout by 0.19 per cent, often signaling a challenge for the incumbent. Predictions suggest BJP could secure 108 to 128 seats, while Congress may secure 56 to 72 seats in Rajasthan.

In Madhya Pradesh, confusion arose after exit polls favored BJP for a landslide victory. Agencies predict BJP winning between 140 to 162 seats, while Congress is estimated to secure 68 to 90 seats. Other agencies project a closer contest, giving Congress 113 to 137 seats and BJP 88 to 112 seats. This conflicts with initial predictions that Congress would form the government.

Chhattisgarh exit polls foresee Congress securing 45-50 seats, possibly forming the government despite anti-incumbency. BJP is expected to win 40-45 seats. Chief Minister Baghel remains confident in Congress' victory despite a drop in seats due to anti-incumbency and previous schemes' limited impact.


In Telangana, multiple exit polls predict a comfortable majority for Congress over BRS government, projecting 63-79 seats for Congress and 31-47 for BRS. However, BRS leadership rejects these results, anticipating a different outcome on December 3.

Mizoram might face a hung assembly according to exit polls. Predictions vary, with some suggesting a close race between MNF, ZPM, Congress, and BJP, indicating uncertainty until the actual counting on December 3.

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