Experts give opinion to defeat Omicron, will get huge advantage"

In mild symptoms of corona virus and Omicron, your immunity works like a medicine. Immunity can be further improved by diet and proper lifestyle. According to experts, good sleep is the solution to many problems. It not only protects against many diseases but also works to detoxify the body. According to Ayurveda, good sleep not only keeps diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes under control but also improves metabolism and fertility.

Immunity increases with good sleep: - Most of the people are glued to the computer, TV or mobile till late night. It also affects their sleeping pattern. Due to this, their immunity gradually weakens and the chances of getting sick soon increase. Even in the symptoms of corona, doctors recommend sleeping a lot because it makes recovery faster. Ayurveda experts have told about the many benefits of good and deep sleep.

Benefits of sleeping well- Doctor Diksha says that taking good and full sleep not only increases immunity but also reduces stress hormones. Increases metabolism and fertility. It cleanses the body from within and also reduces cholesterol. Overall, good sleep keeps you safe from every disease.

How to get good sleep- Some people have problem of not getting good sleep. Doctor Diksha has given some special tips for such persons. Like try to get up early, stay in the sun for 30 minutes, do pranayama daily, exercise, drink a lot of water, have dinner early and eat light, turn off the mobile-laptop one hour before sleeping, before sleeping First make a habit of reading Pranayama or something.

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