Delhi: AIIMS decided to close the sanitization tunnel, know why?
Delhi: AIIMS decided to close the sanitization tunnel, know why?

Sanitization units are being set up at many places across the country. So that people can be saved from corona infection. In particular, such experiments were conducted in many hospitals, so that employees and people who reach the hospital can be sanitized through spray baths. However, Delhi-based AIIMS has now shut down its sanitization unit after it came to the fore about the problem of allergy to the chemicals used in the sanitization unit.

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It is being told about this situation that the employees had complained of allergy and body itching. After this, the AIIMS administration has decided to close it temporarily. Dr DK Sharma, Medical Superintendent of the hospital said that no such research has been revealed so far, to know that its use is more beneficial in preventing infection. In the countries where it has been used before, the facts that have come to the fore now, there has been talking of skin allergy. Therefore, it has been temporarily closed. Later, if its positive scientific basis is revealed, then it can be started again.

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Professor Ravikant, Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh, says that spraying sodium hypochlorite on the human body is not a useful treatment for prevention of corona virus. Sodium hypochlorite is used to disinfect a surface. Trying it on the body through a tunnel can be fatal in many ways.

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