Explore Rio de Janeiro: A colorful place

Jun 07 2021 12:29 PM
Explore Rio de Janeiro: A colorful place

With its plentiful beaches, dramatic mountains, and backdrop of samba and bossa nova rhythms, it's easy to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro. Made famous in song, Ipanema Beach is still the place to stroll, sunbathe, and be seen. The largest Art Deco statue in the world, Christ the Redeemer, beckons visitors to Corcovado Mountain. And if you're coming for Carnaval, Rio’s annual celebrations are bacchanalian extravaganzas of feasting, music, dance, and costumed revelry.


The main airport that serves Rio de Janeiro is the Rio de Janeiro-Antonio Carlos Jobim/Galeão International Airport, known simply as Galeão International Airport.


The Rodoviaria Rio Novo station is the main bus terminal in Rio de Janeiro and hosts the majority of long-distance buses.


If arriving in Rio by car, you’ll likely come from the BR116, which is the highway that connects the city with Sao Paulo.

When is the best time to visit?

December to March: Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro is between December and March, when the weather is optimum for exploring the city’s beaches. Additionally, the summer months deliver two of the city’s best celebrations: New Year’s Eve, when crowds cram onto Copacabana Beach for a 15-minute fireworks display, and the world-renowned Carnaval, during which the spirit of samba overtakes the city.

Get around


Rio’s metro spans three air-conditioned lines. Line 1 goes from Ipanema-General Osório to Uruguai; Line 2 travels from Botafogo to Pavuna, passing Maracanã football stadium en route; Line 3 travels between Ipanema-General Osório and the eastern end of Barra da Tijuca at Jardim Oceânico.

Taxis and rideshare

Apps such as Uber and Cabify are the main rideshare operators in Rio. Most of the public cabs are metered and are readily available and therefore easy to hail from the street.


Rio’s BRS (Bus Rapid System) overlaps the metro and covers popular city zones such as Ipanema, Leblon, Barra, and Copacabana.

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