Boiler of SPY Reddy Agro Factory exploded, one died

Aug 06 2020 02:37 PM
Boiler of SPY Reddy Agro Factory exploded, one died

Amravati: These days people are troubled by Coronavirus, in the meantime, other accidents are taking place. Now recently an accident has taken place near Nandyala town of Kurnool district. The incident took place once again in the SPY Reddy Agro factory located near Nandyalala town in Kurnool district. One worker has died due to the boiler heater bursting in the factory and apart from that, there are three other workers who have been injured.

The injured have been admitted to Nandyal Government Hospital for treatment. One labour has died while undergoing treatment. The deceased has been identified as Dakshina Murthy and two injured workers have been discharged from the hospital after treatment. It has also been revealed that during the maintenance work in the past too, the general manager died in an accident in the SPY Agro factory.

After that the District Collector Veerapandian had formed a committee to investigate this incident and he wanted to investigate on this issue. Now the investigation has been done and the committee in its investigation found that 'the accident occurred due to the negligence of the management of the factory'. People could not forget the old accident. Now due to frequent accidents in the SPY Agro Factory, fear has been spread among the workers and investigation is going on in this case also.

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