Taking over the entertainment world with his innate talent and ability is Rakesh Kumar Yadav

Glancing several young talents growing exceptionally and independently without any Godfather is truly an inspiring and remarkable. Though they are catered with amazing gadgets like, social, digital domains and innovative technology where they can explore their skills globally. But on the other hand, it becomes extremely competitive to survive, the continuous creative art is demanded. Even one failure can lead to liquidation because of the cut-throat competition. In such work scenarios, artists like Rakesh Kumar Yadav is setting his own aura and bench mark with his stupendous performance as a YouTuber, comedian, and musician.  The multi-talent man has come across a long journey.

From childhood he never thought of pursuing a high-profile job to secure his future and always wanted to try his hand in creative field, where to survive is also an achievement. In such place Rakesh has become a renowned personality and most familiar artist to millions of people for his unique creative skills in his YouTube channel named – Marwadi Mast. Where a sound social message is conveyed with an entertainment, so it enchants the people to understand the concept. This is something unique way to create to convey a message to society. For this effort the YouTuber is highly acknowledge. Rakesh is having millions of subscribers for his channel and massive fan following on social domain.

His is also an famous comedian, his comic timing has always hit the right chord and made his audiences laugh from their heart with his performance. To make other people laugh is an art and most importantly it pours joy in their stressful life. His great comic sense is also glanced in his videos on his YouTube channel. That is the reason his fans eagerly wait for his next project. Rakesh is also growing fabulously as a music artist his music craft has already gained much attention of the audiences. Much more creative and skilled art is on the way by the promising artist. Whether it is as a comedian, musician and musician he will always amaze his massive audiences and fans with his performance.

Stay tuned with the entertainer to entertain yourself utmost!

“Nothing can stop you from winning in life if you choose growth.” – Kirti Singh

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