If you want to increase eyesight, then try these 4 home remedies

In today's time, the light of the eyes is decreasing by working on the system and using mobile. However, if you want to increase the light of the eyes then you can adopt these home remedies. Today we are going to tell you some home remedies by adopting which you can increase the light of the eyes.

Consume soaked almonds- Consuming soaked almonds is good for eyesight. Yes, and for this, you can eat 7 to 8 almonds soaked every day at night. At the same time, make a paste of almonds the next morning and you can consume this paste together with the water.

Consume raisins and figs- For the weak eye, you can consume soaked raisins and figs. Yes and for this, you can soak 2 figs and 10 to 15 raisins in water at night, after that the next morning you can consume it on an empty stomach.

A mixture of almonds, fennel and mishri- These home remedies for eyesight are the most beneficial. For this, you will need almonds, fennel seeds and mishri. Yes and then grind all of them and consume a spoonful of powder with milk before going to bed at night. After doing this for a week, the effect will be witnessed.

Desi Ghee- Desi ghee is of great importance in Ayurveda. Actually, ghee contains vitamins and minerals. It improves the light of the eyes. You can use desi ghee on the eyes. Yes and for this, you have to apply ghee to the eyes and massage it for a few minutes.

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