F1 Academy with Susie are set to Heat up the tires for the Female F1 Race
F1 Academy with Susie are set to Heat up the tires for the Female F1 Race

New Delhi:- All ten Formula One teams will choose a driver to participate in the all-female racing series F1 Academy next year. Each driver will have the special design on their car. F1 Academy is new this year, but it will get more attention in 2024 when it becomes a series that supports F1 races.

The F4-level series is made for young girls who want to become race car drivers. It is the first level of racing after go-karting.

The series consists of five teams. These teams are ART Grand Prix, Campos Racing, MP Motorsport, Prema Racing, and Rodin Carlin. They also participate in other racing categories like Formula 2 and Formula 3. Each team has three cars, which means there are a total of 15 drivers on the track.

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Next year, an F1 team will choose ten drivers to represent them and race with their team colors. The other five drivers will be supported by different sponsors or partners.

The drivers who will compete in 2024 will be revealed at a later time.

"I would like to start by thanking the Formula One teams for their help and vision as we start this journey together," said Susie Wolff, who is in charge of the F1 Academy.

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This important moment not only shows how much people in the F1 community support F1 Academy, but it will also encourage many young girls to see the possibilities in motorsport, both on and off the race track.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said: "We made F1 Academy to make a real and lasting difference to make sure young women with talent have the right system to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Susie, the teams, and everyone involved are working very hard to make sure we keep getting better and achieve the important goal we agreed on.

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The F1 Academy is set to come on the track officially as the inauguration has already set afloat and there will selection for the best female drivers to compete for the F1 Race.

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