Makeup can also be done with mask, follow these tips

Sep 18 2020 03:35 PM
Makeup can also be done with mask, follow these tips

While celebrating the new year, who thought that in the year 2020, the life of all of us will be completely changed. People from all over the world will be locked in homes for months, everyone's face will be hidden behind face masks and maintaining physical distance among themselves will become an important part of our new life. Such a life is being called 'New Normal' means new common life.

The masks are not only an essential part of our new life, but have also become an important accessory during the COVID-19 virus epidemic. Along with keeping us safe from this virus, the mask has also eliminated beauty routine in many ways. Most of our face is hidden by mask, but then our eyes, eyelids and eyebrows remain in focus. Because everyone's focus is only on the eyes on your face, you can highlight them with makeup.

In this, by wearing a mask for a long time, the pores of the face are closed, due to which the skin or skin starts to dry. Therefore, it is now more necessary to take care of the skin. Continue the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine on the face before sleeping at night. Also, the lower part of your face is covered with a mask, so now all the attention has come to the eyes. That's why eye makeup has become important. Choose a medium color for daytime make-up to make your eyes light up. Dramatic makeup can be done for the evening or night. Also, any type of eye-makeup is incomplete without eyebrows. So use the appropriate product for the eyebrows, and give a good shape to your eyebrows. And in this way you can attract everyone towards you despite the mask.

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