Apply these face packs to look young

Aug 27 2019 03:54 PM
Apply  these face packs to look young

The worst effect of ageing is on the skin and the skin becomes lifeless. Wrinkles appear different on your face as soon as you cross the age of 40. Women also start having a variety of skin problems and become stained spots, tanning, black under the eyes. So they have to adopt a variety of treatments for beauty to improve their look. We bring you facepacks which will make you look young.

Besan and yoghurt

Regular applying besan and curd face on the face keeps the facial skin beautiful. Take a spoonful of gram flour and add curd to it. Mix these two things well. Put this paste on your face and neck. You can also put it on your hands. Allow this paste to dry for 20 minutes and clean it with the help of water after 20 minutes. Bring these pastes three days a week.

Apply raw milk on the face

Before going to bed every night you apply raw milk on your face. Applying raw milk retains the facial well. In addition, applying rose water on the face helps to cool the face and also prevent stains in the face.

Multani clay 

Multani clay coating provides relief from many facial problems. Add rose water or water to the soil and prepare the solution. Put this solution on your face. Applying these coats on the face will close the open pores of the face. At the same time, dark circles under the eyes will also correct.

Potato and Turmeric Face Pack
If added to the potato, the face becomes clearer. Mix these two things and keep it on your face for at least half an hour. Applying this pack will keep your face colour white and will make your facial skin look faster even in the growing age. Applying potato and milk paste on your face for three days a week will remove your facial stains.

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