Facebook company going to change its name! Know what's the reason

New Delhi: Social media giant Facebook Inc is planning to rebrand its company next week with a new name. According to a report, Facebook Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg may brainstorm on changing names at the company's Connect conference on October 28. However, the report noted that an announcement on rebranding could be even sooner.

There is unlikely to be any change in the branding of Facebook's original app and service. It will be placed under a parent company whose portfolio will include other brands with millions of consumers such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Google already maintains a similar framework by making Alphabet Inc. a parent company. Facebook's social media app will become a product under a parent company after rebranding. Other platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus etc. will also come within this parent company.

Zuckerberg started the social network in 2004. He has said that the main thing for facebook's future is the metaverse concept. This is an idea within which users will live, work and exercise within a virtual world. The company's Oculus virtual reality headset and service are instrumental in fulfilling its vision.

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