Facebook creates 'hackbook', data of over 80,000 users leaked

Nov 03 2018 03:15 PM
Facebook creates 'hackbook', data of over 80,000 users leaked

Washington The name of Facebook, the world's most famous and largest social media networking company, has been undergoing much controversy over the past few months. In the last few months from this social media company's server, many hackers have got the personal information of millions of people while entrapped it. There is now such news related to Facebook that, according to the hackers, the data of more than 80,000 users of this company has been used incorrectly once again.

This has been claimed recently in a report submitted by one of the UK's most famous news agencies in a recent submitted report. According to this report, hackers have captured their personal information by hacking accounts of nearly 81,000 Facebook users. It has also been claimed in this report that these hackers have also sold information about these consumers of Facebook to the advertising market.

In this report, it has also claimed that these hackers have Facebook's data of more than 120 million users and they also sell it for $ 0.10 or $ 7.29 per account. However, Facebook has claimed in this statement that no user has leaked data in any way and this report is baseless.

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