Facebook's big decision

Meta, the parent company of the famous app Facebook, has now shut down the face recognition system in a major decision. The company reported it on Tuesday. Facebook said it will remove the face recognition templates of more than 1 billion people due to the change. The company said in a blog post that more than a third or more than 600 million accounts of Facebook's active users per day opted to use face recognition technology.

According to a blog posted on Tuesday by Jerome Pesenty, deputy head of the department of artificial intelligence at Meta, Facebook's new parent (holding) company, "This step will be the biggest change in the history of technology towards the use of face recognition. We are shutting down the face recognition system on Facebook. The individuals who have selected it will no longer be automatically recognized in the picture and video and we will remove the personal facial recognition template of more than a billion people.''

However, the move will affect automatic alt text technology, which the company uses to identify photos for visually impaired or visually impaired persons. The face recognition system will be removed from Facebook in the coming weeks. Facebook explained, "There are many difficulties in society with face recognition technology, and regulators are still in the process of providing a clear set of rules governing its use. Amid this ongoing uncertainty, we believe that it is appropriate to limit recognition technology to a narrow set of usage cases.''

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