Facebook is one of the reason for rise in divorce cases

Mar 04 2019 09:10 PM
Facebook is one of the reason for rise in divorce cases

Technology has became an interegal part of our life but is not only heling us but also invading in our personal life. Divorce lawyers are now saying that technology is enabling couples to conduct multiple affairs online. Firms have noticed a trend in rising infidelity, with some spouses conduction up to five affairs at a time, sometimes entirely in the virtual world.

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As per astory published in The Daily Mail, methods of communication range from text messaging and dating apps to social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook.

Abigail Lowther, an associate solicitor at the firm told the Sunday Telegraph her clients complained that technology was 'putting temptation at their partners' fingertips.

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Joanne Edwards, a partner at Forsters also agreed to the correlation between technology and infidelity. She further added, Technology puts people within messaging distance of old or new flames and means that a spouse can be cheating when sitting in the same room with their husband and wife.

As per thre Joanna Pratt, partner at Thomson Snell & Passmore, while technology may make having an affair easier, it also makes it easier to uncover infidelity. 

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