Facebook Messenger roles out ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature

Nov 16 2018 03:30 PM
Facebook Messenger roles out ‘Remove for Everyone’ feature

New Delhi: The social media giant Facebook has finally started the much-awaited feature on its messaging application which allows users to cancel their messages on Facebook Messenger within ten minutes of sending it – just like Whatsapp! .The Mark Zuckerberg led company has launched this new feature called ‘Remove for Everyone’ . This let users unsend their messages on its instant messaging platform. But the new feature is still limited to some users and it will soon be available for all Facebook users.

The Facebook team was working on it for long time .It has finally rolled out the new feature to some of its users in Bolivia, Poland, Lithuania and Colombia initially. The new feature will be accessible for both Android and iOS users across these countries at the earliest possible.


Here how to use Facebook Messenger’s Remove for Everyone feature-


Step 1: First Update your Facebook Messenger when the feature gets mass rollout signal


Step 2: Now Open Facebook Messenger and send a text to any one


Step 3: Do Long press on the text you wish to unsend.


Step 4: Tap on ‘Remove’ button from the list of actions available below.


Step 5: Choose ‘Remove for Everyone’ if you want to remove it permanently.


Step 6: Your text will be removed with a tombstone just like WhatsApp.



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