Bad news for Facebook users, phone number and location leaked!

Sep 06 2019 04:36 PM
Bad news for Facebook users, phone number and location leaked!

The data of the phone number of 42 million users of the world's leading social media company Facebook has been leaked. Tell that apart from the phone number, information about gender and location has also been leaked. A US website report has claimed this. Facebook has acknowledged the flaw and has started work on dealing with it.

However, Facebook says that only half of the users' data is reported as affected in the report. A Facebook spokesperson said that the dataset has been removed and there is no evidence that the data has been leaked. Let's know in full detail

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People from three countries are more affected by this leak. Data has been leaked for 13.3 million users in the US, 50 million in Vietnam and 18 million in the UK. It is being said that Facebook's server was not protected by a password. That is, anyone could access the database. All the data was online before the report of the leak.

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For your information, tell that leaking phone number can cause such incidents like spam calling, SIM swapping, bank account hacking on such users. Already it is considered a big setback for Facebook, which is struggling with privacy controversy. The recent leak is five times larger than the Cambridge Analytica leak.

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It will be difficult for Facebook to answer phone data leaks. In April this year, news came that 540 million or 54 million Facebook users' data was saved in the third party public server, due to which the data of the users became public. Facebook later released a statement stating that it, along with Amazon, has removed users' data from there.

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