Facebook suspends Hong Kong police’s anti-violence WhatsApp hotlines

Sep 15 2019 04:21 PM
Facebook suspends Hong Kong police’s anti-violence WhatsApp hotlines

Facebook, the world's leading company, has suspended 10 anti-violence WhatsApp hotlines of Hong Kong police, which are used to obtain intelligence from pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Photographs and videos were used to obtain intelligence of the activities of the protesters. According to the South China Morning Post, 72 hours after the launch of the hotline, Facebook acted actively and suspended the hotline on the ground that the messenger app was only used for private messaging.

In a statement released on Friday, a Facebook spokesperson said the app's terms of use state that unless the company gives the right to non-personal use of the app, any non-personal use of the app's services are not allowed. WhatsApp is primarily designed for private messaging and we take action to prevent bulk and automated messaging.

In addition, the police said in a statement that it decided to suspend the hotline on Friday itself as it received mixed responses, the South China Morning Post found that some of the hotlines had been down early Tuesday and the police had told them they had been shut down early Friday morning. In a statement, the police said that the hotline was once receiving a large amount of information and that the information was widely reported and the police decided to suspend the hotline.

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