Facebook will be updated beyond recognition. What to expect from users of the large-scale redesign

May 18 2019 03:37 PM
Facebook will be updated beyond recognition. What to expect from users of the large-scale redesign

Soon, 2.3 billion users of the Facebook platform will have to go through a lot of unpleasant moments. On April 30, the founder and head of the largest social network, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the largest-scale website redesign, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as many embedded services. At the same time, he emphasized that the matter would not be limited to “visual arts” alone. And the main task of all the changes made is “to build a more social platform focused on confidentiality”.

In general, the idea is not new. Something similar from Mark users has heard more than once. True, so far all these aspirations have been completed with cosmetic changes to the icons and logo, as well as changes in the algorithm for forming the news feed on the users' page. But this was enough to get a flurry of criticism from dissatisfied with the changes. Now there is much more cause for concern: Facebook will really change beyond recognition.

Facebook messenger

Head of the direction Asha Sharma, who presented the upcoming changes in the main communication application, assured those present at the conference that it would become "faster and easier." To accomplish this, Facebook will write the Messenger architecture from scratch. Users can evaluate the results of the company's work at the end of the current year

Among other things, the application will appear the function for sharing Watch Together. It will allow you to view the video in real time. The developers promise to release a desktop version for Mac OS. However, as of May 2, there was still no advertised program in the Apple app store. As for Windows, desktop Messenger has been around for quite some time for this OS. True, he did not gain much popularity: not all users like it, and it does not work very well. For example, on the evening of May 2, it was not possible to enter the applications.

Another planned novelty for the messenger is “a separate space” in which you can find stories and messages from “close friends”. It will also appear before the end of this year.

There is news for business. Enterprises receive a new toolkit - templates for generating ads in Facebook Messenger. Also, right in the application, you can book meetings - in the showroom, to the stylist and other services.

“Good news for companies: with updates, the function of creating targeted advertising will appear with survey forms, as well as booking services directly in the messenger,” the Digital masons telegram group, uniting more than 17 thousand Ukrainian marketers, stressed.


The head of the Facebook App Fiji Simo warned that the design of the social network will change radically. The company even came up with a special FB5 index for it. This, developers believe, will also allow the application to be made “easier and faster.”

The search function on the platform should be significantly improved. It would be very useful because in its present form it is difficult to call it to work. And so compared with the standards of Google and do not have to. The developers paid special attention to the Groups tab. Programmers completely redid it. All so that "you can quickly find the groups you are interested in."

Digital masons highlighted several innovations. Facebook’s rejection of blue, which for many years has been a symbol of the platform, as well as minor changes in the logo. Buttons for quick access to notifications, pages, and groups will be located on top.

In theory, all of this should "help people search for new friends and work." However, experts warn that the revolution is unlikely to go smoothly. “Wangue that for users it will turn into a real collapse and mass tantrums,” the group suggested.


Starting next week, this app will allow you to make purchases of favorite items from their creators. There will also be an opportunity to collect money for non-profit organizations, said Instagram manager Adam Mosseri. True, so far only in the US, but over time the service will spread to other countries. The developers have promised to roll out an improved photo editor in a few weeks. With various effects and interactive stickers, "to better express yourself."

Augmented Virtual Reality

John McCarthy, who heads the company's AR / VR areas called Portal, spoke about the start of pre-orders for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. virtual headsets

For business, the new Oculus will appear later this year. Facebook has promised entrepreneurs a new set of tools designed specifically for doing business in virtual reality.

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