Factors which can ruin the fun of your sex life!!

Mar 17 2017 10:05 AM
Factors which can ruin the fun of your sex life!!

The sex life of a couple remains very important for them. Well, there are few things which affect the sex life of a couple. Yes, daily we do things which we think doesn’t affect but they do cause problems. Below is the list which you should check if you don’t want to ruin your sex life.

Tension: Avoid taking tension as it is the biggest enemy for your physical relation. In that situation, you don’t perform very well. If you want to have it and want to get rid out of it then you should talk to your partner.

Sleep: Take proper nap of 8 hours at least because if it is not done then it can be one of the factors which can ruin your sex life.

Medicines: If you are taking any type of medicine make sure take you consult with a doctor. It may happen that it can affect your sex life.

Food: Take care of food items which you intake in your day to day life. Be alert of what you eat.

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