5 Facts can prove that ancient India was actually 'Modern' India

Jan 18 2017 10:16 AM
5 Facts can prove that ancient India was actually 'Modern' India

Some people always point out every small matter saying 'old people are like this and that' but, we never though of ourselves. The era has come when every girl is in the 'doubtful eyes' of the society. If a girl comes late at home from job place, she is tagged 'besharam (shameless)' and if boy comes late he is called 'Mehnati (hard working)'.

Now where does modern India have gone? Now, person himself alleges for equality between men and women, and in the contrary they point out women's character.

Here are five facts that can prove, how the ancient India was more broadminded than today:

Ancient women have full liberty to earn money and spend it in the way they prefer. They were not questioned about their salary.

Earlier times men were restricted to physically abuse their wife for any cause and women were never forced to have sex.

Women have full right to choose their own life partner and they were not forced to marriage.

Absence of hymen never questioned women's virginity.

Today even if Indian girl will talk about sex will be considered as 'prosecute' but ancient period art is the evidence of freedom to say that sexual acts were never criticized.

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