Things you don’t know about your period!

Menstruation is a biological term which refers to period commonly. This is the time when many of us get changed due to irregular happening in our body, it always disturbs you. Adults get used to it but teenager still feels some discomfort. But here are some of the facts through which you are unknown:

⦁    Weight matters:

Some are foodies but the fear of raising their weight they start skipping meals. You should always manage a healthy weight which will continue your periods otherwise you will stop getting proper periods. Because fat is also one of the main factors which contribute your uterus to be prepared.

⦁    Do you miss your periods?

Sometimes some of us miss our period, there is the reason behind you skipped period is your stress hormone, you take too much tension which prevents your sex hormones to be released properly for fertilization.

⦁    Cramps are normal !!!!! – biggest myth:
Actually, cramps are not normal some girls have too high cramps that they find the problem in moving themselves. Actually, cramps symbolize your high intake of sugar and excess secretion of estrogens.

⦁    Back pains and insomnia:

If you have hard back pain then it says you have high estrogens levels but on the other hand, women who exercise lack sleep means that progesterone level is high. In all of the cases, you should consult a doctor.

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