Family Week in Bigg Boss! contestant cried Seeing their parents

The finale of the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 now has only a few days left. Staying away from family members for months, each contestant on the show has come a difficult journey. Due to corona, this time the contestants of the Bigg Boss house could not get a chance to meet their family. So now all the contestants will be joined by their parents through video calls.

Recently, the latest promo of Bigg Boss 15 has come out. In the promo, the contestants got an opportunity to interact with their families through video calls. Prateek is first shown on the video call to Sahajpal's mother. Prateek says how are you mother. On this, his mother says, 'It's been a year, son met you. Missing you a lot. Seeing the mother on the screen, Prateek could not hold back his tears. Prateek's mother says, 'Don't cry. If you will not cry, then I cry every day seeing you. You are my everything son.'

After that, Devoleena's mother tells her that 'when I go out, everyone says you are doing well, son.' In Family Week, Shilpa Shetty was once again seen inspiring her sister Shamita Shetty. Shilpa says that 'You are doing a lot, Shamita.' After Shamita, it is Nishant's turn. Nishant's mother could not hold back her tears after seeing her son. Seeing his mother Nishant shouts loudly, mother. Nishant's mother said that 'Now people have started knowing us by your name.' Finally, Karan Kundrra gets an opportunity to discuss with his parents. Karan looks very strong from outside, but the tears in his eyes are telling that he is very close to his parents' heart. Karan's mother says that 'I don't feel good coming home. Your voice comes. From here and there. Karan's father says that 'it runs that this my son has come.' Thereafter, Karan introduces Tejashwi to his parents. Seeing Tejashwi, Karan's father says that 'It has now become the heart of the family.' Due to this, Tejasswi and Karan were about to see the happiness on their faces. By the way, you have to admit, Karan Kundra's parents also came out like him.

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