If you go to travel these states of the country then you must try these famous breakfasts!

Sep 02 2019 10:08 PM
If you go to travel these states of the country then you must try these famous breakfasts!

Everything in India is unique and each state has its own special feature. The country is called a country of diversities in which each state has its own culture, lifestyle, and food. In such a situation, here we are talking about such food which is also very much liked by other states, due to which now the dishes of other states are found in the same place. If you want to enjoy the original dish, then tell which breakfast is more famous in which state.

Vada Pav, Mumbai
Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. Every person who comes here to try his luck knows about the taste of this vada-pav. Here the sharp and sour Kanda Tikki and pav have made their place among foodie people all over the world.

Idli Chutney, Andhra Pradesh
Idli chutney of Andhra Pradesh is most liked in breakfast. Coconut chutney with Italy doubles the fun of this delicious food even more. Mostly Italy chutney, dosa, uttapam, upma and bada are also quite famous in Andhra Pradesh.

Kanda Poha, Maharashtra
Kanda Poha of Maharashtra is quite famous. It is also called onion poha. It is very tasty and tasty in food. Most people in Maharashtra eat this breakfast and what to say about masala tea with it. Apart from this, if the potato is poha then it becomes double.

Bhogali Refreshment, Assam
Bhogali refreshments are a traditional breakfast in Assam. Breakfast is very good for health. It is made by mixing rice, curd, and jaggery. It is also very tasty in food. After eating it you will forget to have lunch for the day.

Potato Paratha, Punjab
The breakfast of the people of Punjab starts with potato parathas and curd. If there is butter sauce, pickle in it, then what is there to say. In Punjab and Haryana, potato parantha and a glass of buttermilk is the best breakfast. After this, you cannot even think about the food of the day.

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