7 Steps of choosing your special fragrance

Mar 27 2018 12:28 PM
7 Steps of choosing your special fragrance

When we go to buy any perfume then it is the hardest thing to choose.There are so many brands and fragrances available in the market. But you need not worry about it. Just be specific beforehand to save time while choosing a fragrance.
We have listed some things to keep in mind while picking perfumes.

* First of all, have an idea of what you want. If you don't know anything about fragrances, you will be amazed to learn that there are hundreds of fragrances present.

* It is advisable to buy eau-de-parfum than eau-de-toilette. EDP's have a higher density of fragrance and will last longer.

* To evaluate any fragrance, first smell it on a smelling strip. If you like it, then apply it on your skin to see how it evolves over time. And if it strikes then that would be the ideal perfume selection for you.

* When selecting a fragrance, ensure that after you have sampled three to four fragrances, you ask for coffee beans. This helps you neutralize your sense of smell. 

* While trying fragrances, do not stick to only one spot such as the wrist. Keep on changing your trying spots. 

* Don't stick to the perfume's description to form your opinion.

* Check the intensity of the perfume. Usually, the fluid having 20-40% intensity can be the best deal and is perfect picking for any occasion.

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