Famous Punjabi singer Diljan dies in road accident

There has been big news about the famous Punjabi singer Diljaan. In fact, Diljaan is no longer in this world. He has passed away. This news is going to give a big blow to Diljaan's fellows. According to information received, the famous singer Diljaan has passed away and his entire family is shocked. It is reported that the singer passed away at 3:45 on Tuesday morning.

It is said that the singer's death has been in a road accident and everyone has been surprised by the demise of the singer. At present, the big Celebes are mourning. As the reports come to the fore, Diljaan has been a victim of a road accident and died on the spot. He was going from Amritsar to Kartarpur late in the night and at the Jandiala guru, he had an accident and he died. In the case, Inspector Yatendra Singh, in-Charge of Jandiala Guru Thana said, "The cause of the incident is under investigation.''

He said Diljaan was riding in his car from Amritsar to Kartarpur early Tuesday morning. The speed of his car on GT Road was very fast. As soon as he approached the bridge, the car went unchecked and overturned by hitting the dividers. Seeing the incident, the people who were passing by launched a relief operation from their vehicles. It is said that Diljaan died before he was taken to the hospital.

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