Fans worried about Aespa's Winter's Health
Fans worried about Aespa's Winter's Health

“MY’s” fans of a South Korean band are worried about the health of one of its members. After seeing bruises on one of the members of Winter’s arm, the fans took to Korea’s largest online community, a post regarding the same was also uploaded on July 17 on the community. 

In the post that has been viewed over 240K times, a netizen wrote how Winter hasn’t been well for a long time and that she is currently powering through her schedule as best she can despite not feeling well.

The netizen went on to post several photos of Winter with makeup applied to her arm to hide the bruises from her IV drips. 

One of the netizens went on to quote, “She wasn’t present at her previous schedule, but since on a music program, if Winter’s absent, there are only three aespa members, she got an IV drip and powered through it. She told fans yesterday that she is getting better, but was absent today due to her health. She sent a message to fans stating she was sorry. It seems her health hasn’t been well even before her comeback. Here are pictures of her putting on makeup to hide the bruises from her IV drips.”

While many others added to that by commenting in the comment section, “The fact that she hides the pain is really amazing.”, “You can tell by her thin bones that her body type isn’t very strong… Those with thick bones are able to handle being an idol physically but Winter doesn’t seem like she would be able to.”, “My heart hurts. I hope she gets better soon~ SM Entertainment really sucks at taking care of their idols.”

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