Member of SC-appointed panel writes to CJI over report on farm laws

New Delhi: Following the release of the withdrawal of agricultural laws, the central government should make the report on agricultural laws public. Anil Jaising Ghanwat, the head of the arbitration committee and a farmer leader who met with farmers to discuss agricultural laws, has reiterated his demand that the committee's findings on agricultural laws be made public in a letter to the Supreme Court. Ghanwat had previously written to Chief Justice (CJI) NV Ramanna with the identical demand, but he has now sent another letter now that the agricultural law has been repealed. As a result, the report can only be made public at this point. At the same time, the general public should know what measures the committee had suggested for a common settlement of the dispute.

The letter urged the Supreme Court to release the report of the Agricultural Law Committee and direct the government to implement a strong policy process. In the letter, Ghanwat said that he had the opportunity to work in a committee by the Supreme Court to listen to the grievances of farmers related to agricultural laws and listen to the views of the government and make recommendations. He said that on March 19, 2021, the Committee submitted its report. On November 19, 2021, PM Modi announced the repeal of agricultural laws, but it is necessary to ensure that specific laws no longer exist. I want to bring to the notice of the court that for decades, farmers in India have been facing many difficulties as entrepreneurs in themselves. Their production and marketing efforts are getting affected. The purpose of the regulation is to reduce any damage caused by the action of an entrepreneur, but in the case of farmers, regulation has been the cause of harm to both farmers and the environment.

Ghanwat said that many farmers of the country are desperate to focus on reforms, especially on market freedom and technology freedom. These laws were in principle approved by our Kisan movement, but not fully accepted. The policy process of the government is not consultative, so the Supreme Court should consider ordering the government to implement it. In a letter to the Supreme Court CJI, Anil Ghanwat, a veteran leader of the farming organisation and head of the Independent India Party, said he had requested the release of the Agriculture Law Committee report. This report can play an educational role and clear the misunderstandings of many farmers regarding reforms. He said these laws could have been improved to work potentially and could have been improved over time.

Ghanwat said the result would have been very different if the government had consulted the farmers and systematically educated them before enacting the law. Sadly, the current approach has confused some leaders farmers. Leaders are doing a lot of damage not only to the farmers but also to the national level. For decades, India's farmers, as entrepreneurs in themselves, have been plagued by lack of understanding or attention to their regulatory needs for production and marketing, the regulation imposed on them has hampered their production and marketing efforts.

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He said in the letter that with the cancellation of laws, a large number of farmers are now even more disappointed with not paying attention to their needs. A strong policy process for creating new agricultural laws will involve setting up a committee. He said the committee will prepare a white paper, which will be based on costs. Organizations that have submitted submissions to the Farm Law Committee have questioned me about the contents of the report. Even during my media interaction, I have given oral statements on various policy aspects, but it would be more appropriate for the government to publicly provide reports of agricultural policy debates. After the government's decision to repeal agricultural laws in the upcoming winter session of Parliament, the committee's report is no longer relevant about laws, but the report on farmers' issues contains suggestions that are of great public interest.




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