Farmers arrive at collector's office wearing garlic garlands, openly warn the government

Dewas: The ever-decreasing prices of garlic in Madhya Pradesh are troubling the farmer. This time the production of garlic was more but the prices are not as expected, due to this, the farmer is worried because the cost is not even coming out. The farmers are now pleading with the government. In Dewas, farmers took out a bike rally and protested wearing garlic garlands.

In fact, a bike rally was taken out by the Youth Farmers' Organisation and submitted a memorandum demanding a ban on the ever-decreasing prices of garlic and the support price of garlic. The president of the organization, Ravindra Chaudhary, said that more than 200 farmers from village Rajoda came out through a bike rally under the aegis of The Youth Farmers' Association. He reached the Collector's office via Khetakhedi, Barkheda, Napakhedi, Hampakhera, Sirolia, Kelod, Bada Tigria, Chhapri, Chota Tigria, Kumaria, Parawati Pura, Nagora, Sukalia, Sunwani, Shipra, Lohar Piplia. Where the office bearers and farmers submitted a memorandum to the collector's office in the name of the CM. Due to this, the farmers wore garlands of garlic and protested.

Chaudhary, who is the president of the organization, further said that if the import of garlic from the country's enemy China and other countries Iran is not immediately banned and the rule of open trade (free market) is not amended, then the farmers will face heavy losses. If the farmer suffers a financial loss, the ruling party of the state will have to bear the brunt in the upcoming panchayat elections. The farmers are demanding that the government in garlic should stop the free trade agreements. There should be a complete ban on the import of garlic from China, Iran and any other country. Add garlic to the msp list and ensure a price of Rs 8000 per quintal.  

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