Farmers protest 2018: Women protesters share their stories of struggle

Mar 13 2018 01:11 PM
Farmers protest 2018: Women protesters share their stories of struggle

Mumbai: In the series of farmers protest, over 35,000 farmers across Maharashtra stepped into Mumbai in the quest of a fulfilment of their various demands. The farmers, led by the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) were demanding proper implementation of the Maharashtra government's loan waiver scheme, compensation for crops destroyed due to hailstorm and pink-worm, and allocation of the forest land they had been cultivating, under the Forest Rights Act.
In this sweltering heat, the farmers walked around 180 km in six days. The farmers and protesters stayed at the Somaiya ground in Mumbai over the night and gathered on Monday morning at Azad Maidan, before withdrawing the protests later on the same day in the evening.

Here let's have a look at the accounts of some of the farmer wives who were the part of the protest:

Manibai, Ambala

"We are land labourers, we want the government to allocate land to us so that we can work and feed ourselves and our families."


Kalpana Wagh, Ambala

"The ownership documents of our lands do not carry our names. The land does not officially belong to us."


Vimal Shivaji Badade, Trimbak

"We are just here to fight for our fundamental right to food."


Girijabai Gokumohan, Hatgad

"We want ration for our homes. We want to own the plots that we farm."


Indubai Chavan, Peth

"Our group of 10-12 people have come to fight for the land that rightfully belongs to us... for our right to own land."

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