BJP dividing the country into two pieces, Farooq Abdullah accuses

Srinagar: Dr. Farooq Abdullah, a former CM, and MP from Jammu and Kashmir, has once again attacked the BJP. He has said that Lord Rama is the God of the whole world, then why shout that Lord Rama is just ours. He further said that whenever elections are held in Jammu and Kashmir, these people will come with to seek votes in the name of Lord Rama, but what does Lord Rama mean by vote?

"Today, our country is being divided into pieces," Faruq Abdullah said. The central government makes blind laws and this government brings anti-poor laws. Today, Congress is very weak and the Congress will have to think. Talking about the corona epidemic, he said that when the corona epidemic occurred, it was said to beat plates and applause. But the corona would have gone so far by playing plates and applause, but nothing like this happened but instead, it went upside down.

Abdullah said, Jawaharlal Nehru, did a lot for this country, Indira Gandhi, whom these people abused, brought a green revolution. Earlier, Farooq Abdullah had said that he would see how the BJP forms the government in Jammu and Kashmir. Abdullah said the BJP is just shouting and harassing the people.

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