Fashion and lifestyle influencer Gaurav Gaikwad is on his way to fame and not slowing down

Aug 09 2020 04:35 PM
Fashion and lifestyle influencer Gaurav Gaikwad is on his way to fame and not slowing down

Gaurav Gaikwad is a multi faceted artist who is up and coming in the fashion industry. Apart from writing blogs and sharing his ideas in terms of fashion, Gaurav has also done commercial shoots for ad films and various brands. 

Gaurav is just 19 years old, has a massive reach and is known for being one of the youngest fashion bloggers in India. Gaurav credits his success to his passion for fashion and his exemplary communication skills. While his peers are busy gaming and socialising and finding the right path for themselves, Gaurav has it all figured out.

He was born in the city of of Pune in Maharashtra in 2001, ever since then, Gaurav dreamt of getting into the fashion industry, he also has interests in lifestyle and technology. In keeping with his career choice, Gaurav began to write fashion related blogs from a very young age. However, what was more important is that Gaurav realized his talent and skills early on and didn’t lose confidence whenever he faced an obstacle. A turning point for him was that his first blog hit over five thousand views.

Apart from writing blogs to share his ideas and suggestions pertaining to the fashion industry, Gaurav has also modeled for multiple brands in commercial ad shoots and for various digital promotions. He has seen a huge amount of success in the modeling world and it brought him a lot of brand collaborations. Not being satisfied and letting confort get to him, Gaurav being a techie has a lot of knowledge SEO techniques and used it to its full potential. 

His website,, is a major hit among his clients and followers. In no time, he has become one of the highest-paid influencers in the industry and owes it all to his blogging skills and fashion influencing! 

Gaurav has proved his expertise several times by churning out viral content on fashion and lifestyle trends on social media. No wonder his number of followers keeps increasing with each passing day.

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