Fasting for 9 days have scientific significance also
Fasting for 9 days have scientific significance also

In the days of Navratri, the entire world is immersed in devotion because of this festival, people worship the nine forms of Goddess, also some people keep fast for 9 days. 

According to Vaastu Shastra, there is a lot of caution to keep the fast of 9 days. Some people fast for 9 days in Navaratri days and some people keep fast on the first day of Navaratri and in the last days of Navaratri. 

While fasting, it is necessary to eat only fruits which are called falahari. People who fast can eat fruit, juice, milk and can eat sweets made of mawa. Rock salt can also be consumed during this period as it comes under the category of falahar. People like to eat dishes made of Kuttu flour and sago also. 

According to religious beliefs, fasting and cleansing of the body make the body pure. For this reason, the human being can do the worship of God peacefully. By doing so, his every wish is fulfilled. One advantage of fasting is also the ability to bear a person's hunger increases. Not only religious people consider the importance of fasting but also the scientist agrees with the importance of fasting.

 This festival comes twice in a year but in different seasons of the year and keeping fast for 9 days, is very beneficial. During fasting, the body doesn't feel weak, so it is necessary to eat fruits these days.

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