Drunken husband used to beat his wife, daughter took this drastic step!

Aug 13 2019 06:29 PM
Drunken husband used to beat his wife, daughter took this drastic step!

Nowadays, the increasing number of crime cases amaze everyone. One such case has recently come to light from the capital Patna. In this case, a drunken father has been arrested by his minor daughter. In connection with the incident, a girl was called to Gandhi Maidan police station late last night and the girl said that my father was beating my mother under the influence of alcohol. Shortly after the girl's call, the police rushed to the spot and arrested her father under the influence of alcohol and took him into custody.

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In this case, it is reported that Prem Prakash, a resident of Salimpur, is addicted to alcohol and once again, he started beating his wife under the influence of alcohol, according to reports that the daughter had not told her to do so at the same time. Not a father. When the father did not obey, she somehow found out the number of the Gandhi Maidan police station and made the call. He then informed about the incident and as soon as the incident was reported, Gandhi Maidan police stationer Sunil Singh rushed to the spot and took Prem Prakash to the police station.

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After her medical examination was carried out at the police station, the report turned out positive and the daughter of the alcoholic said that every day her father had quarrelled with her in a drunken house. The daughter further said that the father beat the mother badly and had arrested her by informing the police to teach her a lesson.

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