Father bid farewell to his daughter in a unique way, ordered helicopter from Jaipur to fulfil his beloved's dream
Father bid farewell to his daughter in a unique way, ordered helicopter from Jaipur to fulfil his beloved's dream

Satna: A father in The City of Satna in Madhya Pradesh had a dream of giving a memorable farewell to his daughter, which he realized. After the marriage of the daughter at Maihar in the district, the father left with the son-in-law by helicopter after all the rituals. The helicopter was ordered from Jaipur for the farewell of the daughter.  

In Maihar Beldara village of Satna district, a unique procession of a farmer's daughter came out. Ayushi, daughter of farmer Ajay Singh, is married to Arvind Singh, a resident of Rewa. Ayushi's procession came on April 27, after all the wedding rituals, she had a farewell on April 28. A helicopter of Arihant Company was specially ordered from Rajasthan for the farewell. Ayushi is an engineer in Indore, while Ayushi's husband Arvind is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. Father Ajay Singh's dream was to get the daughter married to a grandeur, for which he married his daughter from his home, a helipad was built next to the wedding venue in Maihar.

All the members of the same family performed the first marriage of the house with full enthusiasm and also bid farewell to the daughter with the same enthusiasm. Due to the first marriage, the entire family wanted to get married with pomp, so every wedding ceremony was made memorable. The family members bid a memorable farewell to the daughter. The bride and groom boarded the helicopter and left for Rewa. The plane landed at the helipad near Rewa Sainik Vidyalaya, from where the newly married couple reached the house in Indra Nagar in a car. This was the first time in Maihar in the Satna district that a daughter's farewell was done by helicopter. This has never happened before. People had gathered in large numbers to see this unique farewell. People captured this memorable moment on mobile cameras.

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