Father comes out with child in basket amid flood, video goes viral

The situation in Assam is not right at present due to incessant rains. People here are facing a flood-like situation. In fact, more than 32 districts have been affected due to floods here and the water level is rising above the danger mark. Because of this, people have to be displaced from their homes. In fact, it is being said that more than 45 lakh people are affected by the floods, while more than 70 people have died. Not only this, but in many places here, people are also craving for drinking water. Yes, and the situation is so bad here at this time that where cars used to run on the roads earlier, now boats are running.

Now all the pictures and videos related to it are going viral on social media which are surprising the irons. Amidst all this, a video is also going viral, which has made people happy. In fact, this video is about a father and a newborn baby. In fact, a video of a father bringing his newborn baby home in Silchar, Assam has gone viral on the internet. In this video, you can see that due to continuous rain, the roads have become ponds.

Yes, and there is water up to the top of people's waist and in this water, a father is seen trying to bring his newborn baby in a basket to a safe place. We are sure this video will remind you of Lord Krishna, when Vasudev crosses the river Yamuna by laying the newborn Krishna in a basket and placing that basket on his head. This viral video has touched the hearts of people and people are not tired of praising their father.

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