Father committed suicide after watching condition of children

May 15 2020 12:57 PM
Father committed suicide after watching condition of children

Islamabad The matter that has recently come up is astonishing. This matter is of Pakistan. Where a father saw his children starving for five days, opening the fast with water, he could not bear it and he committed suicide by drinking poison. This case is being reported from Kot Addu city of Punjab province.

However, after this, help is being provided to this family. According to reports, both the parents were unemployed in the lockdown and the children were hungry for 5 days and were surviving only on water. Father Nazir Ahmed used to feed his children and his mother worked in nearby houses. Due to the lockdown at this time, both of them were unemployed. During this time, the father could not see the condition of the children and he chose the path of suicide.

According to the news of 'Daily Ausaf', the children's mother told that 'no one came to help us. My husband ate poison just because the children had opened the roza with water and my husband could not bear it. The children were hungry for 5 days. We are living in a rented house, for which we had to pay rent. The lockdown was imposed in Pakistan in view of the coronavirus.

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