Man tried to rape his daughter-in-law

May 18 2020 05:40 PM
Man tried to rape his daughter-in-law

In today's time, the cases of crime that have come up are so disgusting. One such case has recently emerged from the capital Patna. Where a father-in-law tried to rape his daughter-in-law.

The case has been reported from Bikram police station area of Patna. Where a father-in-law in Hathsar village tried to rape his daughter-in-law and seeing the opportunity, started doing pornographic acts with her. She said that "When she was sleeping alone in her room at night, the father-in-law reached her room and started committing indecent behaviour with her daughter-in-law." Being fed up with the antics, she informed about the incident through an application and register a complaint at the Bikram police station.

According to reports, the woman said in her complaint that, "I slept alone in my house at night, when the father-in-law entered the room and tried to rape me and started doing indecent behaviour with me. When I made a noise, people gathered and caught him. "The police have arrested the father-in-law on the basis of the application given by the woman. Now the investigation is going on in this matter.

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