Father made wedding card like bird's nest for son's wedding

The wedding season is going on these days. From the common people to the special people, they are tying the knot. If someone is getting married in their city, someone is looking for a big mansion, garden or another city for marriage. Meanwhile, people are also printing wedding cards in different ways. Now a wedding card from Gujarat is making headlines among all of them. Actually, here a person remains a part of the discussions about his bird's wedding card. You can see that the person has made the wedding card as a nest for the bird to live in.

Regarding the card, Shivbhai Raojibhai Gohil, a resident of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, says that his son Jayesh is recently married. He has uniquely designed his son's wedding card to make this moment memorable. At the same time, he has given the card a unique design so that it can be recycled and relatives always remember the son's marriage. Shivbhai (45 years) says, 'The idea belonged to his son Jayesh. Their son wanted his wedding card to be used again. He did not want people to throw his wedding card in the garbage later. '

Tell all of you that Shivabhai's family is nature lover and there are many nests of birds in his house. Shivbhai says, 'We try to live an environment friendly life. Well, this is not the first time, but earlier Mukesh Bhai Ukni, a businessman from Gujarat, had also made a unique wedding card at his son's wedding. He had made a wedding card weighing 4 kg and the card was priced at Rs 7,000. That card was box-like.

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