Father rapes daughter, arrested

Nov 26 2019 05:17 PM
Father rapes daughter, arrested

A shocking case is reported from UP. In this case, his 16-year-old teenager raped by her father. Here the rape incident has been carried out through her immediate father with a 16-year-old teenager living with her mother  and it is told that when she came to her house to see her ailing grandmother.

After returning the information through the teenager to his maternal grandfather, Nana complained to the police at the police station and the police arrested the accused father.

It is being told that the teenager had gone there to see his ailing grandmother on November 18 and that the teenager's maternal grandfather said that, "Her accusatory deposits are of alcoholism and wrong tendencies." Due to this, his daughter has been living in Pihar for the last six years with her two daughters while her son lives with his father. For a long time, the ailing grandmother expressed her desire to see the granddaughter for the last time, on which the teenager had gone to her house on November 18.

Nana further said, "While she was sleeping in the room at night, the accused father threatened her and raped her." tthe police filed a complaint against the accused father.

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