FBI discovered a classified document on foreign powers' nuclear capabilities at Mar a Lago
FBI discovered a classified document on foreign powers' nuclear capabilities at Mar a Lago

America: One of the top-secret documents seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Florida home of former US President Donald Trump describes a foreign power's nuclear capabilities and military security, The Washington Post reported.

The newspaper reported that some of the documents discovered at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence were so classified that only the president and cabinet or near-cabinet-level officials would be authorized to grant access to them to other government officials.

Sources familiar with the matter were quoted by the newspaper.
The name of the nation whose defense and nuclear capabilities were mentioned in the document was kept unknown.

Requests for comment from the Justice Department and Trump's representatives were not immediately met.

The Post claims that instead of a standard top-secret clearance, such documents require special approvals based on need-to-know documents.

No information was given about the location of the highly sensitive material or the level of security inside the home, which also serves as a private members club.

The Justice Department has claimed that top secret documents were "likely withheld" to thwart an FBI investigation into Trump's alleged improper handling of classified material, and as a result, Trump is coming under increasing legal pressure.

In a government court filing, it was stated that when agents searched the Mar-a-Lago resort on August 8, they found so much sensitive information that "even FBI counter-intelligence personnel and the DOJ Lawyers also required additional clearances before reviewing them. Review of certain documents is allowed."

After months of ongoing FBI raids with Trump, the National Archives and Records administration reviewing "highly classified" documents, they were eventually handed over to officials in January.

Of the 15 boxes given by Trump, 184 documents were classified as confidential, secret or top secret.

The FBI eventually prompted Trump's attorney to turn over an additional 38 classified documents, and he did so after providing "oath certification" that they were the last of the material.

However, the FBI later found "multiple sources of evidence" indicating that Mar-a-Lago still contained classified documents.

A federal judge granted Trump's request on Monday to appoint a special master to investigate records obtained during an FBI search that could potentially delay the Justice Department's criminal investigation.

Trump claims the Justice Department is conducting a partisan witch hunt against him without providing any supporting evidence. His lawyers argued that reviewing the documents by a neutral third party would greatly benefit the government.

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