Feed sweets to ants daily and get honour in society

Many times it happens that any planet in our horoscope starts to give inauspicious results. Because of which, fighting starts in home. Even due to the inauspicious effect of the planets, financial constraints have to be faced. If there is any such problem with you and you also want to remove the shortage of money and honor, then adopt the Vaastu Tips mentioned by us.

1- To overcome the shortage of wealth and fame from your life, regularly give some sweet things to the ants. By doing this, there is only the realization of wealth and respect also increases respect in society.

2- On Friday, feeding flour to the cow also results in riches and also gets success.

3- If you want to remove the lack of respect for wealth and honor from your life, give it to the poor on the day of the day, give it to the poor in a white colour clothes, by doing these, all problems related to money will be removed and you will earn respect.

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